Happy Anniversary!!!

June 24, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the UPLB COSS. Yay!

We've been around longer than Windows but we're still cooler than IPads.

Ant Alice

Since I know you enjoyed the last puzzle, here is another one from the ACM.

Ant Alice is the middle ant of 25 ants on a meter long stick, some facing east, some facing west. (We may assume ants are tiny compared to the distances between them, so they can be thought of as moving points.) At a signal, all begin to march in whichever direction they are currently facing, bouncing and reversing direction whenever two collide. The ants are all marching at 1 cm/sec. Those reaching the end ofthe stick fall off and float gently to the ground.

DiRT and Other Things

I spent some time today cleaning out some magazines I hadn't read. Before I did I flipped through them and I learned a few things.

One is DiRT. Apparently it's an annual Di(saster) R(ecovery) T(esting) exercise that Google does. A hypothetical scenario is one where their data center in Georgia shut down because zombies had overrun the place and were trying to eat everyone's brains. Amazon calls theirs GameDay but I have no clue if it involves zombies.

Weighed in the Balance

Here are a couple of puzzles from the ACM for those of you who like puzzles. Actually, there were three questions but the solution to the first one was too difficult for me to understand. So here's two.

1. Eight coins have at most two different weights; show that with three weighings, you can determine whether all coins have the same weight.

2. Following the same rules, solve it with 10 coins.



One of the things I may regret in the future is that I never got to work for one of the tech industry giants. Actually, all the companies I’ve worked for are just small companies. Not really a bad experience but it does sort of dull your instincts after a few years.

Uplbcoss.org.ph Renewal

I'm pleased to say we've renewed our uplbcoss.org.ph domain for another two years. The registration for our .ph domains were made possible by the generous contributions of a batch database alumnus ($100) and also by joane s. ($30), who I haven't actually met so I am not entirely certain what batch.

Domain Registration

First off, thank you to batch Database for donating the domain registration fees for our uplbcoss.ph domain. Even though this was around the time of the big storm and flooding event in the Philippines, our alumnus found time to make this contribution.

We have another domain name uplbcoss.org.ph which I have not renewed as it will take another $70 USD to renew for another two years. It expires next month.


If you have a twitter account and have been following @uplb_coss or @uplbcoss, we invite you to follow @uplbcossph instead.

The @uplb_coss account has been suspended and we are not currently posting from @uplbcoss.

Thank you.

Sonsorship Updates

So far I have received two expressions of interest from sponsors. I am reasonably optimistic at least one will go through. Both, by the way, are from members of Batch Database.

Certainly no one is under any obligation whatsoever to help, but at the same time, there are certain costs associated with maintaining this website, both in dollar terms as well as time.

Tweetdeck Is Dead?

From the huli na sa balita dept.

I've been wondering why I wasn't seeing any tweets on tweetdeck on my android phone. It turns out it's dead? Weird because I kept seeing updates from facebook, just not from twitter. Strange because Twitter owns tweetdeck. Turns out they've killed Tweetdeck for Android and IOS.

Plus, apparently, they are also killing their Facebook integration at some point. So in other words, Tweetdeck is almost completely useless.


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